NBA on TNT Shaq Does not Respect Ben Simmons

Philadelphia: As we know during any season, there are going to be times where players do good and struggle, the main question is how do they respond when media, fans and other players call them out and critie what.

Before the Sixers took on the Lakers on Thursday night from the Wells Fargo Center, NBA on TNT Analyst Shaquille O’Neal would open up about the major improvements that Sixers Joel Embiid took and gave his take about Ben Simmons.

Some of the best Twitter reaction to what Shaq said about Ben Simmons

In Summary, What Shaq was saying that Joel Embiid has done a very good job in accepring critizisom from him and Charles Barkley & now Embiid is one of the most dominant players in the league & was just named starter for the NBA All Star Game

As for Ben Simmons, he has not made any attempt to make the changes needed to add to his game like making foul shots or a jump shot during the game. Basically what Simmons is doing is letting his team down and not talking about what needs to be done in order to get better but instead he rather sit out the entire season & request a trade and just run away from the issues. 

There are some players that can handle the big lights in hardcore sports cities & Philadelphia is very passonate about their teams, they just want to see effort and no excuses. 

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