Loose ball 3-pointer helps Villanova defeat Georgetown

Washington DC: As we know during any season there’s going to be ups and downs and that is what the end of it is going through right now they suffered a bad loss against Marquette on a loose ball 3-pointer by Justin Lewis

On Saturday, Villanova was looking to get back to their winning ways as they took on the Georgetown Hoyas on Capital One Arena In Washington DC

Late in the second half as Georgetown was making their run Villanova Colin Gillespie would go after the loose ball and make a three-pointer that would extend the wildcats lead.

Following the game, Villanova head coach Jay Wright and Colin Gillespie would talk about the loose ball 3 pointer which helped them in this game

Final Number

So what is next for Villanova as they now get ready to take on DePaul on Tuesday January 25

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