Phillies Rhys Hoskins is Frustrated with MLB Negotiations

Philadelphia: The ongoing battle between MLB and mlbpa continues on as they try to come to an agreement to get the 2020 season going but to be honest, things are not looking good.

MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred said last week during the MLB Draft that 100% that there would be baseball in 2020. Well something changed and Commissioner Manfred would say on ESPN that he does not believe that there would be baseball for 2020

On Monday night, Phillies Rhys Hoskins would open up and talk about his frustration in a series of tweets of MLB Owners & MLBPA in trying to get the 2020 season going

The MLBPA would respond to what MLB Commissioner said to ESPN

Will now wait and see what will take place if there will be no baseball for 2020.

MLB had an opportunity to give the fans what they want as the entire nation continues as reopening fees from the coronavirus and what’s going on right now they are blowing their opportunity. The other sports like NHL, NBA, MLS ,WNBA, NWSL, UFC and NASCAR or able to make things work but for some reason MLB just does not know what to do.

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