Report: Eagles TE Dallas Goedert went to Hospital

Philadelphia: We are less than a month away until the Eagles get ready to report to training camp to get ready for the 2020 season and things are going to look different with no fans at the games as things attempt to return from the Coronavirus.

On Saturday night, a Report came down that Eagles fans just did not want to see or hear & it was about Eagles TE Dallas Goedert

In the report, Dallas Goedert who is from South Dakota was with his family on Friday night in a South Dakota restaurant and got sucker-punched unprovoked and sent to the hospital and came out fine

Goedert will be entering his 3rd season with the Eagles, during the 2019 season, Dallas had 58 catches for 607 yards & 5 touchdowns.

All 5 of Dallas Goedert Touchdowns from 2019 season:

Week 4 at Packers

Week 7 at Cowboys

Week 8 at Bills

Week 11 vs Patriots

Week 16 vs Cowboys

Dallas Goedert got his 1st NFL Touchdown during the 2018 season against the Colts in what was Carson Wentz 1st game back from Tearing his ACL during the 2017 season

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