Charles Barkley Talks Sixers on 2019-20 NBA Schedule Release

Philadelphia: It is Christmas day for the NBA fans as the schedule for the 2019-20 season was released on Monday afternoon.

On the Schedule release show on NBA TV, Charles Barkley had some interesting things he said about the sixers.

Barkley would say that there is a two-team race in the Eastern Conference between the Sixers & Bucks & also would predict that the Sixers would win the East.

Barkley would be asked about Ben Simmons & Joel Embiid

“They need to get Embiid in shape, they need to have the stones to say you man, we need to be in shape.  With the Sixers, the biggest questions are their two superstars, if Ben Simmons does not work on his game and Joel Embiid does not get his butt in shape,

That to me is one of their perplexing questions I have been asked all summer living in Philadelphia,  I have said that they spent  the whole summer like we lost jimmy Butler, who is going to replace JJ Redick, and I said that your worried about Jimmy Butler & JJ Redick and you got Ben Simmons & Joel Embiid they are the two biggest question marks so that what going to be fantasizing to see if those two guys really work on their  game & body this summer

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