Charlie Manual named new Phillies hitting Coach

Philadelphia: The push for the playoffs continues on and the Phillies are in the thick of it now questions are circulating that could there changes to come with the coaching staff.

On Tuesday a major bombshell was dropped regarding the Phillies coaching staff

When you first see this you’re thinking what’s this move made by the front office or did manager Gabe kapler decide to pull the trigger.

Could there be more changes to the coaching staff ??

The Phillies offense this season has had its ups and downs but now bringing Charlie Manuel back into the fold could this be the missing piece in order to wake the offense up to get the wild card spot.

Statement from the Phillies

The last time we saw Charlie Manuel in a Phillies uniform was in 2013 when he was the manager.

The Phillies will open up a three-game series against the Chicago Cubs starting Tuesday night at Citizens Bank Park.

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