Haverford defeats Upper Darby in 100th Thanksgiving Day game

Havertown: As the entire nation celebrates Thanksgiving one thing that associates with Thanksgiving is high school football as Delaware county’s oldest high school Thanksgiving game renewed it’s rivalry as Haverford Fords took on Upper Darby Royals. This year would be the 100th battle & Haverford was looking for revenge after losing last year’s game and heartbreaking fashion. This year’s game was supposed to be held at Upper Darby but due to Upper Darby’s Stadium having some issues the game got moved to Haverford.

The first half was completely dominated by Haverford which saw too long passing touchdowns & the Fords also had a goal line stand

Haverford would take a 20-0 lead into halftime.


In the second half could Upper Darby respond and the answer was yes as they stopped Haverford on 4th down leading to a fumble which was returned for a touchdown

The royals would cut the Ford’s lead to seven at 20 to 14 with 8 minutes to go in the 4th quarter. With all the momentum going towards Upper Darby could have it for a respond and the answer would be yes as they would have a time-consuming drive which saw Upper Darby burn all its timeouts and just ran out of time.

Haverford would get its revenge as a defeat Upper Darby 20-14 in the 100th Thanksgiving Day battle

Let the celebration begin as the trophy returns to Haverford

The Haverford Upper Darby Thanksgiving Day rivalry now stands at 50-44 in favor of the Haverford robbery now stands at 50 to 44

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