Phillies announce NLDS Roster

Atlanta GA: The Philadelphia Phillies have made the 2nd round of the MLB Playoffs after taking down the St Louis Cardinals in the Wildcard round.

Before the start of game 1 of NLDS against the Atlanta Braves, The Philadelphia Phillies would announce their roster for the NLDS

Before Game 1, Phillies Manager Rob Thomson would get asked about his decision to add Dalton Guthrie to the roster over Nick Maton

Thomson said “Just because of the fact that we can utilize him a little bit — they’ve got — they ended up putting only two lefties in the bullpen, but they had the availability of a few more. So having the right-hand bat come off the bench. And although Nick has played very well in the outfield, Dalton has a little bit more experience out there, so we can defend late in games. So we thought in this series he was just a little bit better usage for us”

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