Eagles Darius Slay interception gives ball the Sixers James Harden

Philadelphia: Whenever there is a big event happening in your city, everyone wants to come and be part of it & that is what we had as the Philadelphia Eagles took on the Minnesota Vikings on Monday Night Football from Lincoln Financial Field in South Philadelphia.

In the 2nd half with the Eagles leading 24-7 , the Vikings were driving down and Eagles Corner Darius Slay would make a game changing int and stopped the Vikings drive

Following the interception Darius Slay would run over and give the ball to Sixers forward James Harden who was in attendance

Following the game, Darius Slay with open up about giving the ball to James Harden

It’s good to see other star players from the other teams in the city coming out showing their support and will definitely be seeing Darius Slay courtside at some sixer games this season.

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