It’s time for the Phillies to end the disaster of Jeurys Familia

Philadelphia: During any season when you sign a player to a certain contract it looks good on paper but now the question will be will it pan out during the season. So far in 2022 season, Jeurys Familia has been an utter disappointment.

The Phillies signed Jeurys Familia till 1 year 6 million dollar deal in the off-season he was mostly known for pitching for the New York Mets

In situations when they brought him into the game he has not lived up to the building and unable to hold the lead that’s example would be last night the Phillies were up 8-2 and then it was 8-6

What was the main reason why they left him in the game which saw them give up six runs

Following the game NBC Sports Philadelphia analyst Ben Davis opened up about the other embarrassment that Jeurys Familia has been so far

Let’s put it this way if the Phillies want to be serious contenders down the stretch of the season & attempt to end this playoff drought that they’re in. The right thing to do would be to get rid of Jeurys Familia, it has been in other disaster and it’s time to move on from him there are other players that are better deserving of a roster spot then Jeurys Familia.

The Phillies fans have voiced their displeasure regarding Jeurys Familia

If the Phillies don’t make a move then this team does not deserve to make the playoffs plain and simple.

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