Phillies Nick Castellanos is not a fan of what Jim Salisbury of NBC Sports Philadelphia asked

Philadelphia: As we know during the season when the team or a certain player is not performing well and knows he is going to get asked why he is not doing well.

Following the Phillies loss to the Cubs on Saturday night at Citizens Bank Park, things would get interesting in the postgame interviews. Phillies left fielder Nick Castellanos would get asked about the fans booing from Jim Salisbury of NBC Sports Philadelphia & what would happen next got heated

To start, I don’t believe it was a stupid question, as reporters you ask the questions that fans what to know about why your not doing well and what are you going to do to fix things.

There have been reporters who just don’t ask the hard questions & in this situation, Jim Salisbury wanted to know if you heard the crowd BOOOOOOING in how the team has looked the first two games following the all-star break.

The fans have the right to BOOO if they are looking like trash and not putting their best effort out there.

Was it a stupid question that Jim Salisbury asked

Let’s see if the Phillies can wake up and take the final game of the series which is at NOON on Sunday on Peacock.

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