Bryce Harper fractures thumb against Padres

San Diego: During any season there is going to be situations where your star players were to come down it with an injury but the main question will be how long will they be out in the severity of the injury and that is what’s going on with the Philadelphia Phillies.

On Saturday night the Phillies took on the San Diego Padres, in the 4th inning Phillies star Bryce Harper got hit with a pitch and went down in severe pain not knowing how bad he was hurt

Later in the game the Phillies would announce the status on Bryce Harper

Following the game, Bryce Harper would speak about the injury

Now the question will be how long will Bryce Harper be out and will the Phillies still be able to stay in contention for the wild card spot or even try to make some noise and catch the New York Mets in the division only time will tell.

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