Villanova Collin Gillespie sign undrafted deal with Denver

Brooklyn NY: As we know on draft there are those who are going to be happy to hear their name called and other who are going to upset that they did not hear their name called on draft night and still enter the NBA as an undrafted free agent.

Villanova star Collin Gillespie would find out where his basketball future would go as he would end up being undrafted and right after the draft ended, he would get the call to come to Denver

Collin Gillespie’s reaction to going to Denver

Collin would play 6 years at Villanova with one of the years as a COVID exception as he tore his ACL during the 2020-21 season. Gillespie would win a National Championship in 2018 & his career at Villanova ended at the Final Four when Villanova fell to the eventual champion Kansas. Collin was named the Philadelphia Big 5 Player of the year

What could Collin take from his time at Villanova

It was an honor to cover Collin Gillespie during his time at Villanova & I know the fans in Denver are going to like the hustle and making the big plays and be the leader of the team like he was on the Main Line.

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