Report: Kyrie Irving lists Sixers as possible teams to go

Brooklyn NY: We are a couple hours until we see the new stars of the NBA find out where they will be playing and also at the same time, this is the event where teams start talking about trading with players who can’t get a deal done or looking for a new market.

The Philadelphia 76ers are always in the mix and there was a bombshell report that came down from ESPN & now all of Philadelphia is thinking could this really happen or is this a thing just to get our hopes up and nothing will happen

A couple of things about this report regarding the Sixers.

1. The Sixers just got done dealing with the mess that was caused by Ben Simmons & do they really want to take on this mess again, the answer is Hell NO.

2. There are questions if James Harden is all in after making the trade for Harden at the Deadline last year & Kyrie Irving would fall into the same category and that is something that Joel Embiid does not want.

3. To make this type of move, The Sixers would have to include Tyrese Maxey who came up big in the playoffs he is a future star in the making and they would make a huge mistake by moving on from Maxey.

So hearing the report & thinking this over, Should the Sixers make take this on if Kyrie Irving wants to come to Philadelphia

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