Warriors upset with Celtics fans in Game 3

Boston: As we know that whenever a championship series heads to the other city for games 3 & 4, you know the fans are going to be very vocal to the opposing team & that is what we had in Game 3 of the 2022 NBA Finals as the Boston Celtics took on the Golden State Warriors with the series tied at 1.  
The Celtics would take down the Warriors in Game 3 by the score of 116-100 
Following the game, the Golden State Warriors were not happy with the Celtics fans in the crowd chants that were said during the game, and most of them were directed toward Draymond Green.

Started in Pregame

Some of the chants during the game

Following the game, Warriors Coach Steve Kerr & Klay Thompson would open up about the crowd chants during Game 3

Warriors Coach Steve Kerr On the crowd’s response to Draymond? “Classy. Very classy“

Klay Thompson on the Celtics fans chants

Draymond Green about the Celtics fans

So after hearing what the Warriors said, there is a point in crossing the line, especially saying those things with young kids in the stands, but to counter the point it is called home-court advantage where you try to make things difficult for the visiting team to help your team get the win.

Will now see what the Celtics fans come up with for Game 4 on Friday at 9PM on ABC

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