Best of Doc Rivers Round 2 Game 1 vs Heat

Miami FL: We have reached the point of the NBA Playoffs where the 4 best teams remain and these are the games that everyone will be talking about. The Sixers will now get ready to do battle with the Miami Heat in the East Semifinals.

The Philadelphia 76ers made the 2nd round with 6 game series win over Toronto while Miami Heat took 5 games to take Atlanta Hawks.

Before Game 1 on Monday Night from FTX Arena in Miami, Sixers Coach Doc Rivers would Speak and some of the highlights he said

How has game planning without Joel Embiid

His though process

About James Harden

About what the rest of the league is saying about them

How the team rally with injured players out

Game 1 is at 7:30 PM on TNT, All the games in the second round are National Exclusive, for the games on TNT, it will be Spero Dedes, Grant Hill & Chris Haynes

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