What to know for the NCAA First Four

Dayton, Ohio: One of the sporting events that we look forward to every March has arrived & it is the NCAA Tournament. To everything start on the road to New Orleans for the Final Four, it gets started at University of Dayton Arena in Dayton Ohio with the First Four

The Play In games which they were orginally called from 2001-2010 and those games were broadcasted on ESPN, everyone started to call the play in games the First Four in 2010 & the NCAA Tournament got expanded to 68 teams & the games were getting shown under the new TV Deal for the NCAA Tournament which includes CBS & Turner Sports which consisits of TNT, TBS & TruTV.

The teams that will be taking part in the 2022 First Four are as follows
Texas A&M-Corp. Christi
Texas Southern
Wright State
Notre Dame

The matchups are as follows
Notre Dame vs Rutgers
Wright State vs Bryant
Indiana vs Wyoming
Texas A&M-Corp. Christi vs Texas Southern

Winner of Texas A&M-Corp. Christi vs Texas Southern will take on Kansas in the Midwest Region
Winner of Indiana vs Wyoming will take on St Marys in the East Region
Winner of Wright State vs Bryant will take on Arizona in the South Region
Winner of Notre Dame vs Rutgers will take on Alabama in the West Region

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