Kevin Durant opens up on Ben Simmons 1st trip back to Philadelphia

Charlotte:  During any season, there are going to be those moments that you can not wait to see what happens especially after making a big trade.

Ben Simmons will not be playing on March 10 when the Nets travel to Wells Fargo Center to takes on the Sixers but the Nets did confirm that Simmons will be on the bench for the game

Following the Nets win over the Hornets on Tuesday night, Nets star Kevin Durant would open up about what Ben Simmons could be expereneing as Simmons will make his first trip back to Philadelphia since being traded for James Harden.

Part 1 of Durant on Ben Simmons

Part 2 of Durant on Simmons

It is going to be very interesting to see the reaction that Ben Simmons will receive after everything that he did to mess things up with the Sixers especially not being about to make changes in getting better with the foul shots and attempting to make jump shots during the game.

The Game on March 10 will be LIVE on TNT at 7:30 PM

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