Flyers cashout Golden Knights lead by Carter Hart

Philadelphia: We are at the point of the season where teams are looking to see if they want to make a trade to help with the push to make the playoffs or tell the fanbase that they are going to rebuild which most teams dont want to use that term.

On Tueday the Philadelphia Flyers took on the Vegas Golden Knights from the Wells Fargo Center in South Philladelphia. The Flyers would takedown the Golden Knights 2-1 & couple things that stood out in the game

Carter Hart show:
Flyers Goalie Carter Hart would put on a show by making a career high 47 saves on 48 shots, Some of the saves he made had you saying Are you kidding me

The Goals by the Flyers all came in the first period by Justin Braun & Oskar Lindblom.

Justin Braun got the scoring started

Oskar Lindblom added to the lead with this amazing play for the goal

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