Super Bowl LVI: Rams going All in

Los Angeles: whenever the whole city gets selected to be the destination for the Super Bowl the hometown team will attempt to do whatever it takes to play in that game.

The Los Angeles Rams coming into this season decide to go all in, the first thing they would do is make a franchise altering move which was sending QB Jared Goff to Detroit for quarterback Matthew Stafford. Then Midway through the regular season they would add Odell Beckham Jr

So far the investment that the Rams have made has paid off which has seen them become the second team in NFL history to make the Super Bowl in their home stadium joining the Tampa Bay Buccaneers who made history and Super Bowl 55 by being the first team.

This has become a very intriguing Super Bowl match the Los Angeles Rams would take on the Cincinnati Bengals which at the beginning of season I don’t think anybody had this as to match up.

During Super Bowl week some of the Los Angeles Rams players would get asked if they knew there was a particular game or moment during the season that solidified that they can go all the way to the Super Bowl

The Rams previous appearance in the Super Bowl was in 2018 when they lost the New England Patriots in Super Bowl 53 in Atlanta, could we see another championship be heading to Los Angeles

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