Super Bowl LVI: What we know

Lets take a look at how the Cincinnati Begals booked their trip to the Super Bowl. The Bengals won the AFC North divison lead by Head Coach Zac Taylor & QB Joe Burrow who retrned in 2021 after tearing his ACL in his rookie season.

This is the Bengals first trip to the Super Bowl since 1988 & they proved alot of people wrong in how no one expected them to make it this far after how the last several years have looked.

In the Wildcard round the Bengals took on the Las Vegas Raiders  and the Beglans did something that has not been done which was win a playoff game since 1991 when the defeated the Houston Oilers

In the game you would see Joe Burrow throw his 1st playoff touchdown

The Defense would make the 4th down stop which would give the Bengals their 1st playoff win since 1991

In the Divisional Round, the Bengals took on the Number 1 seed in the AFC in Tennessee and alot of people though the Titans would have their day with the Bengals but it would not be the case as the Bengals brought the fight all game including making the game changing play on defense

The Bengals would win the game on a walkoff FG to send them to the AFC Title game

There was one more stop to make it to the Super Bowl & it was to take down the defending AFC Champs Kansas City in their back yard, Kansas City jumped out to big lead but the Bengals would not go away and made this game very interesting.

Bengals get the game tied in the 2nd half by Ja’Marr Chase

The game heads to overtime and Kansas City would make the big mistake with getting the pass picked off

This run by the Begals would take them to the Super Bowl for the first time since the 1988 season with walkoff FG

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