Best of Sixers Coach Doc Rivers Pregame vs Hornets

Philadelphia: One of the hotttest teams in the NBA is looking to extend their winning streak to 8 games on Wedesday night as the Philadelphia 76ers take on the Charloette Hornets from the Wells Fargo Center in South Philadelphia. 

Before the game, Sixers coach Doc Rivers would speak & some of the highlights below 

Injury status to Tobias Harris, Seth Curry & Tyrese Maxey

The other day the Sixers converted the 10 day contract to a Two way deal to former Saint Josephs Hawks star Charlie Brown & Doc Rivers was asked about the play of Charlie Brown

Doc Rivers would get asked about if he talks with Darly Morey & Elton Brand on what he is looking for if they were to make a trade

The Ben Simmons questions would come up & has he been doing any basketball activities or showing any signs of coming back to play

The game is at 7PM on NBC Sports Philadelphia.

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