NBA on TNT about being BOOOED in Philadelphia

Philadelphia: As a sports fan in any city, there are times where your going to be happy and at times very disgusted with the front office or how the way the team is playing. 

There are those cities that are very paticular in the effort that you put out there, Cities like Boston, Chicago, Philadelphia, New York, Dallas, Los Angeles.

During the Thursday night edition of Inside the NBA on TNT, Ernie Johnson & Sixers great Charles Barkely would open up about being booed in the City of Philadelphia.

Recenlty in Philadelphia, Sixers Tobias Harris was very critical about the Fans Booing him in how he was playing and not living up to the $180M deal he signed back in 2019.

As a fan who buys the tickets to come to the games & also buys the merchandise to show support for the team, It is your right to BOOOOOO if they are playing like crap or not making the effort to make the changes to do better.

There are those players who just does not understand the culture of playing in hardcore sports markets like New York, Philadelphia, Chicago, Boston, Los Angeles & know that your going to receive criticism for your play. The question is how do you respond to show the fans & the City that you have what it takes to play in the city and make a legacy so that years down the road, people will remember you for the effort that you put out there.

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