Latest on Sixers Ben Simmons

Philadelphia: It has been a couple days since the Milwaukee Bucks won the NBA Finals over the Phoenix Suns and now we got the NBA Draft happening this week. This is still talks and buzz surrounding Sixers Ben Simmons and if they can move him after he had a very bad series against the Hawks.

On Sunday, ESPN Insider Adrian Wojnarowski & Zach Lowe would host a NBA Draft Preview & offseason show to get a sence of where things are with the NBA & the topic of Sixers Ben Simmons would come up & Wojnarowski would say the following

This is a developing story as it could go into next season as Simmons is under contract with the Sixers for the next 4 years

Contract breakdown


During the show, Wojnarowski would mention the Golden State Warriors & if they are linked to Ben Simmons

Here is what he said


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