Phillies get burned with overturned Homerun vs Mets

Philadelphia: The bright lights of ESPN Sunday Night Baseball made its way to Citizens Bank Park in South Philadelphia for a NL East battle as the Philadelphia Phillies took on the New York Mets in the final game of their 3 game series

Bryce Harper & JT Realmuto returned to the lineup after missing the first 2 games of the series

In the 9th inning with the Phillies down 8-5 & the Phillies had 2 runners on for Rhys Hoskins, Hoskins would blast a shot that sounded very good for a game tying 3 run home run, but things got interesting

The homerun would go to Instant Replay and this happened

The umpires would overturn the call of a homerun and ruled it a ground rule double.

The Phillies would go one to lose this game 8-7 in very controversial fashion.

To be honest I have no idea of what camera angle they had that ESPN did not have to show that it was not a homerun.

Before every game, the umpires would go over the ground rules for the stadium if a questionable play happen and here are the ones for Citizens Bank Park
Ground Rules CBP

After seeing this load of crap from MLB in taking what would have been the game tying homerun, instead they wanted more headlines and drama about their instant replay system.

This is not the first time that the Phillies have been burned with a replay of homerun at Citizens Bank Park

 Back in 2009, the Phillies played the New York Yankees in Game 3 of the World Series and Alex Rodriguez hit a ball that did not look it went over the wall, but for the series, FOX Sports had a camera on the foul pole and answered all the questions, Video below showing the camera near the foul pole

One way that MLB can solve all the problems with their instant replay is to have a camera down the foul pole like what FOX had for the World Series so that they can see if it is a homerun or fan interference.

So what do you think of the call by MLB on Rhys Hoskins

The Phillies will have to move on from this game as they get ready for a 4 game series with Milwaukee Brewers at Citizens Bank Park starting on May 3

Current Standings in the NL East following the games on May 2
NL East 5-3-21

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