Report: Doug Pederson Future not set with Eagles

Philadelphia: It has been 1 week since the Philadelphia Eagles came to end at 4-11-1 and more questions continue to come out about the direction this team is going.

During the Sunday edition of ESPN Postseason NFL Countdown, Chris Mortensen would come out saying the status of Doug Pederson as Head Coach of the Eagles is not firm.

Doug Pederson meet with Jeffery Lurie last week and now the question is what is Jeffery Lurie going to do, make a coaching change or give Doug Pederson the opportunity to fix the mess that happened during the 2020 season

There is another report going around that Doug Pederson is not sure about making changes to his coaching staff

Another thing that has gone under the radar is what is the status about Howie Roseman as GM,  It seems like Roseman is not communicating with Pederson in his decisions with the roster especially why he took Jalen Hurts.

On January 4, Howie Roseman spoke for the first time since training camp and was asked if he is the right person to stay as GM and make things right.

Roseman said the following

“Well, we are a 4-11-1 roster, so I mean, you are what your record says you are.

The three years before, we had won 35 games. We have a lot of players who are on this team, some of them older, that are drafted by our organization, drafted by the people in this building that are going to end up going to the Eagles Hall of Fame.

That doesn’t mean we haven’t missed on some picks. I would just say if there’s a guy that’s playing really well that we were looking at in the draft or decide to go in a different direction, those things hurt. Those things are punches to your gut. I think we have exceptional people in this building.

I know sometimes, and it’s my responsibility to sit up here, but we are a group. We have a really good staff. We have really good people in this building and people that we spend a lot of time trying to recruit to come to Philadelphia and help us, the last two GMs hired in the National Football League were from this organization which I think says a lot about this organization. And we have built winning teams before, and that’s our job to continue to do that and that’s what we’ll do here.”

Stay Tuned as the drama with the Philadelphia Eagles offseason continues

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