Eagles Great Seth Joyner sums up the drama of Carson Wentz & Jalen Hurts

Philadelphia:  As we know during any season there are going to be drama with the head coach, front office, players requesting trades and other rumors going around. Here in Philadelphia we got a drama at the quarterback position between Carson Wentz & Jalen Hurts.

The Eagles would fall to the Arizona Cardinals on Sunday 33-26 to fall to 4-9-1 on the season and the debate goes on about what should the Eagles do with Carson Wentz & Jalen Hurts.

Following the game, Eagles great Seth Joyner on NBC Sports Philadelphia would give some better clarity about this entire situation with Carson Wentz & Jalen Hurts.

Part 1:

Part 2:

Basically what Seth Joyner is saying that the Eagles have a lot of money invested into Carson Wentz and at the same time they were able to have an insurance policy in Jalen Hurts who can step in if Carson Wentz were to get hurt or like this season struggle.

One thing that a lot people are not even considering that maybe Carson Wentz has not fully recovered from the concussion that he suffered in the playoff loss to Seahawks

This could possibly explain why Carson Wentz has been having issues all season with getting the play calls right and making the right decisions, who knows some people it would take a little longer to recover from a concussion.

The Philadelphia Eagles somehow are still alive for the NFC East as they will now get ready to take on the Dallas Cowboys on Sunday at 4:25 PM on FOX from AT&T Stadium in Arlington Texas.

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