Who is really calling the Shots about the Eagles QB Position

Philadelphia: During the 2020 NFL Season, we knew things were not going to be normal with games begging moved or having no fans in the stadiums and going through COVID19 testing. The Philadelphia Eagles are having a lot more issues than people think.

The Eagles would fall to the Green Bay Packers on Sunday and now are 3-8-1 and in the game we saw Head Coach Doug Pederson bench Carson Wentz in the 2nd half for Jalen Hurts, is this the beginning of a QB Controversy.

Following the game, Michael Barkann of NBC Sports Philadelphia, would have a interesting theory on what is going on with the QB Situation with Carson Wentz & Jalen Hurts

Before the season started, we all expected Jalen Hurts to be the number 3 QB and Nate Sudfeld to be the number 2, it did not go that way as Hurts has been active and Sudfeld has been inactive since Week 2.

Back in April when the NFL Draft ended, Eagles GM Howie Roseman would explain about Drafting Jalen Hurts and his confidence in Carson Wentz

In other words, there seems to be a power struggle between Doug Pederson & Howie Roseman, Doug Pederson is doing everything he can to to fix Carson Wentz & get the offence running normal Howie Roseman is basically telling Coach Pederson what to do and making all the decisions that are normally for the Head Coach. Something is not right and needs to be discussed.

Did Howie Roseman purposely create this mess and say that he has lost his confidence in Doug Pederson decision especially at the QB position with Carson Wentz, even though we are 3 years removed from the Eagles winning their first super bowl.

It is now time for Owner Jeffery Lurie to step in and get to the bottom of this, the Eagles fans deserve answers and want things fixed.

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