Philadelphia new COVID19 Restrictions & how it applies to Sports

Philadelphia: We are a week away from the Thanksgiving holiday & the number of COVID19 cases continue to rise in the City of Philadelphia, what will the city do to stop the spread of the virus.

On Monday, the Mayor of Philadelphia Jim Kenney & Health Commissioner Dr Thomas Farley  would announce a new series of restrictions to stop the virus and they are as follows

businesses and activities are not allowed

  • High schools and colleges must move to online instruction only, with the exception of clinical instruction for students in health sciences. 
  • Indoor dining at restaurants and other food service businesses. (Takeout, delivery and outdoor dining may continue. Additional restrictions on outdoor dining are detailed below.) 
  • Theaters, including movie theaters, and other performance spaces. 
  • Bowling alleys, arcades and game spaces.
  • Museums.
  • Libraries. (Those serving as Access Centers may continue to operate. Curbside dropoff and pickup services for patrons are allowed.)
  • Casinos.
  • Recreational activities and sports for youth, community groups, and schools. 
  • Gyms and indoor exercise classes. (Exercise groups and classes may continue outdoors.)
  • Senior day services (senior centers and adult day care centers) remain closed.

Changes to events and gatherings include:

  • All indoor gatherings and events involving people from more than one household are prohibited, in public or private spaces. This includes private events such as weddings and showers, listed as “celebrations” in previous guidance, as well as funerals. 
  • Religious institutions are permitted to have people indoors, but density must be capped at 5 people per 1,000 sq. ft. or 5 percent of maximum occupancy. 
  • Outdoor gatherings and events are limited to 10 percent of maximum capacity of the space, or 10 people per 1,000 sq. ft. for venues with an undefined maximum capacity—not to exceed 2,000 people in any outdoor space. In addition, all individuals at outdoor gatherings must wear masks at all times, and—to reinforce mask use—neither food nor beverages may be served.

With that being said, Where do things stand with the Sports teams in the City of Philadelphia

Philadelphia Health Commissioner Dr Thomas Farley would also say that he Recommends No High School Thanksgiving Football games this year.

So with these news restrictions, how are the teams in the city responding to it



The College Basketball season is still scheduled to begin on November 25, 

What we know about College Basketball in Philadelphia 

The University of Penn will not be playing basketball this season as back on November 12, the Ivy League canceled the season

When asked about fans for Saint Joseph’s games, Head Coach Billy Lange gives his thoughts

LaSalle coach Ashley Howard about playing with & no fans for the upcoming season

Drexel Coach Zack Spiker about possibility of playing with no fans

Still waiting for response from Villanova & Temple on their thoughts about the upcoming season

Stay tuned for any additional updates

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