Takeaways from Andy MacPhail Press conference

Philadelphia: It has been a couple days since the 2020 MLB season came to an close when the Los Angeles dodgers won the World series now the next step will be as most teams will look to the 2021 season and your Philadelphia Phillies will have several questions to see if this team will be a contender.

On Friday team president Andy MacPhail will hold a press conference and he had a lot of interesting things he covered and below are some of the highlights

Where does the Phillies stand in bringing back catcher JT Realmuto

Andy McPhail believes that John Middleton should take charge of the front office

Will Andy MacPhail be back after his contract is up after the 2021 season & he could step down if it betters the team

Andy MacPhail on why Matt Klentak could not get the job done

MacPhail saying that the Fans knew they were ready for the next step but they did not produce

Will the Phillies going after big fish for the front office in their attempt to get them back in the playoffs for the first time since 2011

Where do the Phillies stand in contract talks with Didi Gregorius

There were a couple of things that you can take from what Andy MacPhail said and they are the following

1. Sounds like there are some communication issues with the front office 
2. MacPhail will step away as team president as they want to get back to winning
3. They wanted to get a deal done for JT Realmuto but could not get it done, maybe in Free Agency
4. Matt Klentak knew things were not working and stepped down as GM
5. MacPhail is now putting the spotlight on John Middleton to have more say on that team.
6. No new information about where things stands with contract talks with Didi Gregorius

This will be a very interesting offseason for the Phillies to get their act together and at the same time do whatever it takes to get back into the playoffs for the first time since 2011.

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