Phil Simms agrees with Doug Pederson decision to punt in Overtime

New York: During any season there’s going to be plays and moments that will stick if they were the right ones or ones that you’ll be questioning forever and that’s what is going on in Philadelphia this week.

Eagles coach Doug Peterson decided to punt the ball way in overtime at their attempting a field goal that would have won the game but they jumped and moved the ball back.

On Inside the NFL on Showtime, Analyst Phil Simms said that he agreed with Doug Pederson decision to punt the ball in overtime as the Eagles played to a 23-23 tie against the Bengals

24 hours after the game, Doug Pederson explains after watching over the game if you made the right decision

“Thinking about it, fourth and [12], 19 seconds on the clock. To me, looking at the decision, there’s a couple of things. Yeah, okay, you go for it; right? 19 seconds. You got a chance for — I mean, who knows what could happen. A big play, a DPI. We didn’t have any timeouts, so if the ball were completed in bounds or whatever, it would be hard to hustle up there and kick the field goal. If there were say five, six, seven seconds left on the clock, the decision to go for it would be a little bit easier, I think, to make in that situation. Felt comfortable with [K] Jake [Elliott] kicking the 58-yarder, obviously from the 41-yard line. That’s what we talked about prior to going into overtime. Normally for Jake, the 35-yard line is typically his kick line, but we know that [when] we get in these situations like this, we know we can stretch that out to the 40. He’s got all the leg to do that. So we felt comfortable there. So, either way you slice it, my decision, looking back, I probably would have elected to maybe go for it in that situation and try a ball down the field.

the Eagles will look to get their first win in the season as they take on the San Francisco 49ers on Sunday October 4th on NBC Sunday night football from San Francisco.

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