Governor Wolf Explains why he Veto High School Sports Bill

Harrisburg: As the Weather outside starts to get cooler and school sports start to get going after the delayed start if they can be played safely due to the ongoing battle of COVID-19.

On September 21, Governor Wolf would announce that he would veto House Bill 2787 for High School Sports attendance.

House Bill 2787, which would allow decisions about school sports & spectators to be made at the local level.

During a press conference on Thursday, Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf would explain why he Veto House Bill for High School Sports.

The fight goes on as the current state restriction for gatherings outside in the state of PA is 250 and 25 for indoors, maybe things could change if the numbers continue to go down.

As for Philadelphia, the limit for outdoor gatherings is 150 and 25 for indoor

City of Philadelphia sent out updates about Large gatherings
Philly gaterings update 9-23-20

Stay Tuned for more updates as they come in about Pennsylvania fight to take down COVID-19

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