We could possibly see Eagles fans at Lincoln Financial Field later in 2020 season

Philadelphia: As wen enter the month of Sepetember and that means NFL Football is very close to returning, During the summer as the City of Philadelphia took on the battle of COVID-19, one of the questions came up is can the Philadelphia Eagles do their season with Fans inside Lincoln Financial Field.

In June, the NFL would release a report that the NFL was going to leave it up to every state & city health officals about attendance

On July 15, the City of Philadlephia put a BAN on public gaterings even for sports until February 2021
No events philly
Last week the Philadelphia Eagles would announce that they would not have fans inside Lincoln Financial Field to start the season but leaving the door open if they can have fans later on in the season. The case numbers in Philadelphia have been going up and down the last couple of weeks

On Tuesday, the City of Philadelphia would hold their weekly briefing on how the city is doing in their fight to takedown COVID-19 and DR Farley was asked about what will it take for Eagles fans to be back inside Lincoln Financial Field later in the 2020 season

Back in July, the NFL would announce if Fans were to be allowed into the stadiums that they would have to wear a mask

Now the question will be if the case count is still down when the Eagles play games in November & December & the Eagles plan to have fans is safe and if the city approves it.

Also last week, the City would announce that there would be NO Tailgating at the Sports Complex and FDR Park is also used for tailgating for the Eagles and select events.

no tailgating
On Tuesday, Mayor of Philadelphia Jim Kenney was asked how the City would enforce the NO Tailgating at the Sports Complex and FDR park

So now we know what the first month of the season is going to be like in South Philadelphia

Eagles Owner Jeffery Lurie was asked about not having the fans to start the season & his response was

“Initially there’s not going to be fans at our games. We have been trying very, very hard to come up with solutions that are safe and innovative in time for the beginning of the season, and we’ve had a lot of really creative and constructive conversations with the state and the city, and that continues on a daily and weekly basis. We are hopeful there’s going to be real ways of having significant fans in our stadium pretty soon. Maybe not for September but after that, and we’re looking at innovative ways of testing, with rapid testing, with point-of-care testing, with home testing. There’s a lot of ways to kind of approach this, and we’ve been incredibly proactive working with companies around the planet to see what they’re up to and whether we can implement testing procedures that would allow the public — because the first thing is we love our fans. We know we’ve got a big home field advantage. We even have an away field advantage in places, as you know, like Washington, Los Angeles, Miami.”

The Eagles Schedule as they open the season Sep 13 at Washington, Home opener is Sep 20 vs Rams


We will keep everyone updated on the numbers for Philadelphia if they can give the green light for fans to make their return to Lincoln Financial Field when the games matter in November & December with possible playoff football in january.

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