If Phillies Make the playoffs, could fans be allowed inside Citizens Bank Park??

Philadelphia: As everyone knew the 2020 MLB Season would be very strange and something that no one would ever experience as they attempt to play 60 games. The Phillies currently stand at 5-9 on the season.

When MLB was figuring out how they would be able to put the 2020 season on safely and one of the options was having NO Fans in attendance.

MLB would release the Operational Manuel for the 2020 season and there is a clause in there that no one has taken notice, see highlighted part

MLB Operational Manuel fans

On Thursday, Mayor of Philadelphia Jim Kenney held his weekly press conference on how the City of Philadelphia is doing in the fight to take down the Coronavirus

A question was asked to Jim Kenney about the possibility of fans being inside Citizens Bank Park if the Phillies were to make the playoffs

Jim Kenney response:

Stay tuned as if things change, we will keep everyone informed.

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