Best of Doug Pederson Traning Camp Press Conference

Philadelphia: As the NFL continues to figure out how they can get the 2020 season going and at the same time doing it as safe as possible. The Philadelphia Eagles keep going as they get set for the next phase of their Training Camp.

On Wednesday, the Eagles would announce that Head Coach Doug Pederson would return to the Novacare Complex after testing positive for COVID19 10 days ago

Doug Pederson would speak about being back for the next phase of Training Camp and some other topics:

What have the last 10 days been like in recoving from COVID19

How long will it take if you had to play a game tomorrow??

What does he need to see as practices move forward with no Preseason games??

Pederson “I think there’s a couple things that we need to know. I think the first one is obviously the guys that we have in the starter roles, starter positions, making sure that they’re in the right frame of mind, their bodies are conditioned. Those are the things we’ve got to know in the next few weeks leading up for that first game.

I think the second thing is obviously the new additions to the team – the free agents, draft picks, undrafted guys. Those are the guys we have to have our answers on as coaches.

So, as we continue throughout the process, and we begin to put pads on next week, those are some of the answers that we’re going to get leading up to that first regular-season week.

How will the starters get ready & will he mix some of the young players to get reps?

How will the training camp practices look?

Pederson “The coaches, we’re going to coach in either face shields or masks. That’s part of protocol. We definitely want to protect ourselves, protect our players that way. That’s going to be different.

A lot of times, from a socially distancing standpoint, we can still coach from a distance and still get our work done, still be following protocol and all of that.

Other than that, really you’re not going to see a lot of wholesale changes. Maybe the amount of people we have out there as far as ballboys, trainers, strength and conditioning staff. Obviously, those numbers are way down than what we would have in a normal training camp situation.

Other than that, there’s not a lot of wholesale changes we’re going to make moving forward.”

The Eagles will open the 2020 season on Sepotember 13 at Washington at 1PM

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