NHL gets ready to start Playoffs in Hub Cities

Philadelphia: We are a week away from the National hockey League finishing the 2019-20 NHL season as they’ll go right into the playoffs in two HUB cities of Edmonton and Toronto.

On Friday, the NHL held media call as the teams get ready to head to the hub cities.

During the call, NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman was asked who makes the final decision about a player playing

The Philadelphia Flyers will be taking part in the NHL Playoffs in Toronto which is the hub city for the Eastern Conference.

The Flyers will have 1 exhibition game against the Pittsburgh Penguins on July 28 at 4PM on NBCSN & NBC Sports Philadelphia & then take part in the round robin games to determine the top 4 seeds in the conference. Their first round robin game is on August 2 against the Boston Bruins at 3PM on NBC.

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