Throwback: Floyd Mayweather takes down Arturo Gatti in Atlantic City

Atlantic City NJ: Anytime you get a big-time fight coming down the jersey shore, you know everyone will be talking about it and there was a good amount of hype surrounding the fight.

Let’s go to June 25, 2005, as one of the fights of the year took place as Floyd Mayweather took on Arturo Gatti from Boardwalk Hall in Atlantic City for the WBC super lightweight title which was held by Gatti.

Tale of Tape:
Gaiit Mayweather Tale of Tape

In the early rounds, both fighters would have their chances to land some big shots, Floyd Mayweather had his jab going early and Gatti just did not have an answer. This fight would get stopped before the 7th round as Gatti corner would stop it as Mayweather was doing a lot of damage and Gatti tried his best and just did not have things going his way.

With the win, Mayweather would win the WBC super lightweight title

Final Numbers:
Gaiit Mayweather Stats

Entire Fight on HBO Pay Per View:

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