Phillies Bryce Harper has fun on Eagles Lane Johnson podcast

Philadelphia: It is always great when some of your favorite players from your hometown teams just do things for fun for the fans especially as Sports makes it return from the Coronavirus.

On Friday night, Eagles OT Lane Johnson had a fun guest on his Live podcast on Instagram called Outside The Lane” and it was Phillies Bryce Harper

Bryce Harper & Lane Johnson

Bryce Harper would say that “There is nothing like playing in Philly” when talking about how passionate the fans are

As MLB continues to find a way to get the 2020 regular season going, Bryce Harper had an interesting idea, what if he played for another team in Philly

One thing that we did not know that Bryce Harper was a Dallas Cowboys fan, and told Lane Johnson that he became an Eagles fan when he signed with the Phillies

Bryce Harper would say that it would be tough to play at Citizens Bank Park if the fans are not allowed in

The Entire Conservation of Bryce Harper & Lane Johnson

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