Sixers Throwback: Allen Iverson takes down Bucks to Win East Finals

Philadelphia: In Sports, there are those games & moments that you will always remember especially in the playoffs when it comes to a Game 7 to close out a playoff series.

Let’s go to June 3, 2001, as the Philadelphia Sixers took on the Milwaukee Bucks in Game 7 of the 2001 Eastern Conference Finals from the First Union Center in South Philadelphia. The Series has been a series of momentum shifts. Sixers took games 1,4 & 5 while the Bucks would take games 2,3 & 6

In this game, Allen Iverson was the story as he showed why he was the NBA MVP for the 2000-01 season & would drop 44 points in game 7 and the Bucks just did not have an answer to stop Iverson.

Mike Breen on NBC Sports:

With the win, this would mark the first time since 1983 that the Sixers won the Eastern Conference Finals.

Sixers Bucks Game 7 2001 box

The Sixers would head to the NBA Finals to take on the Los Angeles Lakers.

Everyone will remeber June 3 as they day the Sixers punched their ticket to the NBA Finals.

Entire Game Broadcast:

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