PA Governor Tom Wolf with an updated take on NASCAR to come to Pocono

Long Pond, PA:  The battle continues on to take down the nasty virus called Coronavirus and the state is slowly to continue to open the state back up.

When will we be able to see live sports be taking part in the state of Pennsylvania, one of the big events is NASCAR racing up at Pocono.

On Monday Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf would give some further clarity about Nascar coming to Pocono Raceway at the end of June

Where things stand is where Pocono Raceway is located, it is in Monroe County and still under Governor  Wolf order of Red Phase which is Stay at home
State of PA reopening

Back on May 15, Gov Wolf said that Pennsylvania does not have an answer to give to NASCAR about them holding their race at Pocono.

Pocono Raceway would release the following statement in response to what Governor Wolf said

Stay tuned to see what will be the end result if Nascar does end up doing their race at Pocono.

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