Phillies Throwback: Aaron Rowand makes face-first catch vs Mets

Philadelphia: There are those certain athletes that just fit in with the city that their team plays in & in Philadelphia, you have to give 110 % and show the fans that you will do whatever it takes to make the play for your team to win.

Let’s go to May 11,2006 as the Philadelphia Phillies took on the New York Mets from Citizens Bank Park in South Philadelphia. So what was significant about this game, It would be remembered for the play that Aaron Rowand and the price he took. The starting pitchers were Gavin Floyd for the Phillies going against Steve Trachsel of the Mets.

In the top of the first, Mets Xavier Nady hit a deep ball to center field and Aaron Rowand would run down it down & in the process slam his face into the fence and made the catch for the final out of the 1st inning.

Harry Kalas on Comcast Sportsnet:

With that play by Rowand, he fit right into the mode that is to be an athlete from Philadelphia in going 110% and never giving up on the play and to do whatever it took to get the result.

A crowd of 22,224 would see the Phillies won the game 2-0 as this game went 5 innings due to rain.

Phils Mets 06

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