Phillies Throwback: The Night Osama Bin Laden Was killed

Philadelphia: As we open the month of May the fight continues on to take down the coronavirus so today let’s take a look back at a very significant moment in Philadelphia sports history.

Let’s go to May 1st 2011 the Philadelphia Phillies took on the New York Mets at Citizens Bank Park and it was on ESPN Sunday Night Baseball.

Question your going to aski is why is this game so significant in Philadelphia sports history & and USA history, This was the nigh that Osama Bin Laden was killed & I was in attendance for this game and it’s the night that I will never ever forget.

During the fifth inning there are several fans sitting by me started chanting “USA” & “We got him”, around the seventh and eighth the chants of USA were starting to get loud

The Phillies would tie the game at 1 in the 8th on Ryan Howard RBI single

later in the 8th inning, I received the text message saying that the USA did an attack that took out Osama bin laden.

The ninth inning the USA chants got much louder than they got in the seventh & the entire ballpark was doing it

the Phillies would lose the game to the Mets in the 14th inning but that was not the story the story was how word came out that the USA took out Osama bin laden.

There will be those moments when people ask “where were you when_________Happened”

For me I was at Citizens Bank Park as the Phillies took on the Mets on Sunday Night Baseball

Phillies Mets 2011 Bin Laden 2

Game Ticket:
Phillies Mets 2011 Bin Laden 3

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