President Trump “Sports will be back with no fans to start”

Washington DC:  The fight goes on to take down the Coronavirus and it looks like things are starting to turn for good and we could see a possibility of the government back up and running very soon.

On Thursday, President Donald Trump unveiled guidelines that would open the country up from battling the virus


The Question came in about When the Sports come back, will the fans be allowed back right away

Trump Response

later on, Trump brought up an example of trying to get back to normal

“Our normal is if you have 100,000 people in an Alabama football game or 110,000 to be exact, we want 110,000 people there, We want every seat occupied. Normal is not going to be where you have a game with 50,000 people.”

So now it is in the hands of the governors of each state and the commissioners of each sport in when they want to get their state up running and their respective sports as well

Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf has the entire state under a Stay at Home order until April 30.

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