Phillies great Chase Utley Surprises Penn Medicine Doctor

Philadelphia: As the entire nation continues with the fight the battle that is the coronavirus, there are certain things that everyone can do to say “Thank You” for what they are doing.

On the Monday show of Intentional Talk on MLB Network, Chris Rose & Kevin Millar did a very cool thing as they had one of the doctors from Philadelphia in Dr. Mark Mikkelsen who is the chief of Medical Critical Care at Penn Medicine who is on the front lines battling the virus.

Dr. Mark Mikkelsen would talk about being at the 2008 World Series parade and said his favorite player was Chase Utley & Rose and Millar would surprise the doctor of his favorite player in Phillies great Chase Utley.

Utley came on to say to Dr. Mark Mikkelsen”Thank you for all the support over the years” & thanked him for what he is doing with the fight of the virus.

During the interview, Dr. Mark Mikkelsen was asked about Utley’s World Series parade speech “For the Philly faithful, it was a real moment, it was authentic and there is nothing more than a Philadelphia Sports fan appreciates authenticity in being real”

Utley would go on to say “I said what I felt, to play in that city remarkable experience there is nothing like it, the passion of the fans, they support you to the end of the day if they like you, they will let you hear about it, you have to respect and understand it and I wanted to express my feelings”

Chase Utley was asked about the Fans of Philadelphia “Fans of Philadelphia have treated me great over the years”

Rest of the interview:


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