Rhys Hoskins to Represent Phillies in MLB The Show Players Tournament

Philadelphia: The feeling of no live sports goes into week 4 as the entire nation battles the nasty coronavirus, but there would be some news that would get MLB fans something to look to.

On Friday, MLB & Sony would announce a Players only tournament for MLB The Show

Here is who represent each team in the players only tournament

MLB The Show Players

so how will this tournament work?

The format

The players will play in 29 games, one against the other players for the next three weeks. Each game will be three innings, Every game will have its own individual online stream. There will be talent from MLB Network in Robert Flores and Heidi Watney.

Standings and stats will be generated daily on www.mlb.com/playersleague

The top eight players will advance to the postseason. In the postseason, the Division and Championship Series will be a best-of-three. The World Series will be a best-of-five battle to determine the first champion.

Each game will be live-streamed on MLB social media accounts (TwitterFacebookYouTubeTwitch), MLB Network’s Twitch site, “MLB The Show” social media (TwitterFacebookYouTubeTwitch), the clubs’ social media accounts and MLB.com. Each player will also stream it from their individual Twitch or YouTube accounts.

Here is who Phillies Rhys Hoskins will be playing against on Saturday, April 11 starting at 9PM Eastern

Jon Duplantier (Arizona)

Carl Edwards Jr. (Seattle)

Jesus Luzardo (Oakland)

Niko Goodrum (Detroit)

Link to Rhy Hoskins Twitch Channel


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