Eagles make Splash as they get Darius Slay

Philadelphia: As we enter Day 2 of the new NFL league year and Eagles fans were wondering if when was Howie Roseman was going to pull the trigger to make a move to better his team for the 2020 season.

Late Wednesday night, a report came out that the Eagles were in the final stages of pulling off a big move to bolster their defense

As Eagles fans woke up Thursday morning, they got the news they wanted as Eagles made a trade to get one of the top cornerbacks in the league in Darius Slay from the Lions

What were the terms that Darius Slay would get

What would the Eagles give up to the Lions for Darius Slay

Eagles would announce the trade

In summary, this was a very aggressive move by Howie Roseman in making this trade to get Darius Slay, Roseman was on record saying that he wanted to shake things up and boy did he by letting Malcolm Jenkins go to Free Agency & then make the trade with the Lions for CB Darius Slay.

If you want to know what type of player that the Eagles are getting, here are Darius Slay Numbers

Slay Stats

This was the type of player the Eagles needed in the secondary as last year there were a lot of issues back there and now they got one of the top players in the league.

Some of the Eagles players welcome Darius Slay to Philadelphia

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