Andrew McCutchen not ready for Opening Day

Clearwater FLA: We are less than 1 month away from the Phillies opening the 2020 regular season at Miami Marlins on March 26. There is a certain buzz about the team especially with year 2 of Bryce Harper & new manager  Joe Girardi

The Phillies would take down the Braves in Spring Training action in Clearwater  on Friday & following the game, Manager Joe Girardi would announce news about Andrew McCutchen:

Andrew McCutchen on hopes to be ready for Opening Day:

Here was the play where McCutchen tore his ACL against the Padres

The 2020 season would be year 2 of 3-year deal he signed in December  of 2018

Before the Injury, Andrew McCutchen played in 59 games with 10 home runs, 29 RBI and batting at .256

His first home run with the Phillies on Opening Day 2019

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