Phillies sign Didi Gregorius to 1-year deal

Philadelphia: We are at the point of MLB offseason where teams are deciding if they want to make a move and spend money to get better, the Philadelphia Phillies are showing the rest of MLB that they are going to be making moves. On Tuesday, reports came down as the Philadelphia Phillies would make another splash in free agency as they would sign Didi Gregorius.

First reported:

How much is the deal

So what is the Phillies infield going to look like?

During the 2018 season with the New York Yankees, Gregorius played in 82 games with 344 plate appearances, 77 hits, 16 home runs, 61 RBI, scored 47 runs.

What makes this signing good for the Phillies as Gregorius was a former player under manager Joe Girardi.

After making the splash by signing Bruce Harper, now you cannot say that the Phillies are not out there spending money to get the players that you want to win a championship.

The two free-agent signings the Phillies have done so far has taken players from both New York teams

Zach Wheelers from the New York Mets
Didi Gregorius from the New York Yankees

During the end of the season press conference on October 11, Phillies managing partner John Middleton would state that he would spend over the Luxury tax to win a championship and not for the second wildcard spot

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