Eagles face adversity, out run the Bills to get .500 on season

Orchard Park NY: During any season a team face adversity and nuts what is going on with the Philadelphia Eagles as they went on the road to play the Buffalo Bills on Sunday afternoon from New Era Park in Orchard Park New York.

The Eagles would take down the Buffalo Bills 31-13 to get to 4-4 on the season.

The turning point of the game came in late in the second quarter when the Buffalo Bills fumbled the ball away on 3rd down Eagles will recover and go down the field and score a touchdown by Dallas Goedert & take the lead at 11-7 late in 2nd quarter

In the second half, the Eagles would take control as Miles Sanders breaks a 65 yard TD to extend the lead

TV Call:

Scene at Xfinity Live:

The Bills would answer back and the Eagles also had an answer by Boston Scott.

TV Call:

Xfinity Live Reaction:

In the fourth quarter, the Eagles needed to make some big plays and boy did they lead by Carson Wentz who would have two huge runs on third down to keep the drive going

The running game was huge for the Eagles as they took time from the Bills and defense played well as the Eagles would ice the game on Touchdown from Jordan Howard

TV Call:

Xfinity Live Reaction:

This was a game that the Eagles needed as there was good amount of drama and the sky was falling in Philadelphia but the leadership of the Eagles would answer all the National Media personal and prove that they are still in this season.

Final stats:

The Eagles now stand at 4-4 on the season and will get to play infront of of their home fans for the first time since October 6 when the battle the Chicago Bears on November 3.

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