As Free Agency begins, Sixers Lose JJ Redick

Philadelphia: As 6PM hit on Sunday, June 30, the Madness that is NBA Free Agency began and early on, Sixers fans are not liking what they are seeing.

One of the questions had was JJ Redick going to come back and the answer is NO as he signed with the New Orleans Pelicans

Over the last 2 years, JJ Redick signed 1 years deals to play with the Sixers, $12.25 million for the 2018-19 season and when the Sixers season ended, Redick said that he would love to come back and finish his career

This is a loss that the Sixers fans were not ready to see as he would make some big 3 pointers and also be one of those veteran players that these young Sixers players could rely on.

During his 2 years with the Sixers, Redick played in 146 games, scored 17.6 PPG and made 3.0 3 pointer per game and played in 30.8 Minutes per game.

Now the next question is who will the Sixers bring in to fill the void left by JJ Redick

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